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Life Skills For Children


12 Friendship skills every child needs             12 Friendship skills (pdf, 69 KB)

Would your child eat the marshmallow      Eat the Marshmallow? (pdf, 80 KB)

What to do when kids catastrophise     Kids catastrophise (pdf, 72 KB)

Teach children to persist          Teach children to persist (pdf, 86 KB)

Help your child manage anger            Help your child manage anger (pdf, 88 KB)

Nuture your child's thinking skills     Nuture your child's thinking (pdf, 87 KB)

Helping kids deal with rejection          Helping kids deal with rejection (pdf, 106 KB)

Easy ways to Develop Independence      Develop Independence (pdf, 117 KB)

Easing Childrens' Anxiety            Easing Anxiety (pdf, 118 KB)

10 Ways to build confidence in children            Building confiedence (pdf, 142 KB)

Sorting out sibling squabbles      Sorting out squabbles (pdf, 144 KB)

Bully-proofing kids           Bully-proofing kids (pdf, 176 KB)